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Coaching and Mentoring - Why Not?

June 29, 2017

There are hundreds of stories of highly successful athletes, actors, singers, musicians and many other skillful people sharing their stories of how they have or had paid for personal coaches other than their team or group coach.  This is a very common and productive system where some who are on-the-top of their skills tries vigorously to be better than what they believe or think they already are. 


In a service oriented business such as real estate, many countries practitioners are regulated and in need of licensure. Therefore, there may be continuing education requirements to retain the license.  Many realtors are of the opinion their skill levels and knowledge are at its pinnacle.  This opinion is with good cause and conviction based on experience levels, education, skill set and the like.  However, above the “pinnacle”, there is still room, upward. 


Defined by and says in the Internet, there are key differences between Teaching, Coaching and Mentoring:


Teaching:  Helps someone learn a skill, imparts knowledge from another, task- oriented and a gift to the student.  Teaching is primarily a one-way transaction.


Coaching:  Also, helps someone learn a skill, imparts knowledge from another, task-oriented and a gift to the student.  Coaching requires interaction and is more about the student.


Mentoring:  Is more relationship-oriented than task-oriented.  It is usually long term, development driven with long-term sustainable outcomes. 


The Coaching and Mentoring provided by The Israel Center for Excellence in Real Estate is to assist real estate practitioners to reach and achieve beyond their own perceived maximum potential in order to improve skills in their communication; quality of work;  efficiency; and, sustainable customer and client relationships.



A core principle of mine, as a coach and mentor, is that together we focus on the practitioner’s desires in enriching existing skill levels.  We do not begin by centering on what is “wrong”, “incorrect”, erroneous”, “faulty”, etc. 


Rather along with the practitioner, we build and develop better and more productive skills.  In the arena of real estate, many opportunities are missed and sometimes lost altogether because, the practitioner feels that doing certain things are menial and a waste of time. Personal and industry influenced justifications for this attitude are endless.  The coaching process employed by The Center, puts into action the words from this statement attributed to Reverend Shuller.


“Successful People Do Those Things That Unsuccessful People Think Is A Waste Of Time To Do”



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Coaching and Mentoring - Why Not?

June 29, 2017

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