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August 14, 2017





Most people have heard or read expressions such as:
“First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions”  or, “First Impressions Make Lasting Impressions”  or, “First Impressions Are Most Lasting”.


Depending on the moment and circumstances when one person first meets another, unlimited possibilities for conclusions are often formed.  For some people these first conclusions set the stage of how each person he/she meets is viewed and treated as to every aspect of mutual interaction and relationships.


Many persons make an effort to apply detailed attention to “make a good impression” for this first meeting.  Others are of the attitude that “this is who I am and what you see is what you get”!  These individuals mostly rely on their talents that they are bringing to the table in order to make that important first impression.  


During the mid 1960's, the worldwide business and social environment was more traditional and truly not ready for the hippies worldwide subculture as "Bohemian style ethos". 


As such, many “first impressions” were unfavorable to a great deal of fantastic and talented people. Today most societies in various environs are more amenable.


In businesses of many types, real estate included, the first impression psyche is rather strong.  For many practitioners, their skills in “reading people” have served them well and they will tell you that they are almost never wrong.   This mannerism then cascades into a set of actions, non-actions, attitudes and potential mistakes from the first meeting in the listing, selling, renting and consulting processes.


“Know Before Whom You Stand”  (דע בפני מי אתה עומד)  is often seen in Synagogues above the Holy Ark (Aron Kodesh), where the Torah Scrolls are kept.  Many see this from a spiritual point of view, where it tells us that if we open our mind, heart and soul, and a matter of respect to G-d, we feel His presence. This is not restricted to a Synagogue (Temple) setting, but is also applies outside and beyond. 


In this respect, this charge of “Know Before Whom You Stand” is much more humanistic than theological.  Meaning, from my point of view, that every human being is a reflection of G-d’s creation “in His image”.  As such, the first impression you conclude is to be more open, respectful and caring.


There is a difference between “making a decision” and “jumping to a conclusion”.  It has often been written for centuries, that the difference between “making a decision” and “jumping to a conclusion” is a simple fact.  Making a Decision requires that the decision maker has the appropriate and accurate data to uphold the decision to be made. Jumping to Conclusions especially about people has everything to with one’s emotions, and has nothing to do with accurate data.


In the daily business of real estate endeavors, you as the real estate practitioner may be better served by taking on the humanist approach of the principles of "knowing before whom you stand!" You should not fall into the pit of first impressionism, but rather delight and take enrichment from your abilities and willingness not to overlook and dismiss the absolute human wonder and expression of life right before your very eyes.


This by no means implies that you should close your eyes to situations where you may be facing situations of hostility, danger or malice.  Blind trust in people is a good example of making premature conclusions, without learning about the person. 


Keep your eyes open and your receptivity in an unbiased approach.  This in turn, most often, will bring out the excellence of your talents and probable greater success.  You have opened for yourself the world of possibilities, alternatives and informative good solutions for your customer’s best interests.


“Successful People Do Those Things That Unsuccessful People Think Is a Waste of Time to Do”
(Attributed to Pastor Robert H. Shuller)


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