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September 27, 2017





ליזום להיות המאפשר



A “catalyst” (זרז)  agent is typically defined as: "A substance that starts or speeds up a chemical reaction while undergoing no permanent change itself"..... "A substance that causes a chemical reaction to happen more quickly". 


A “catalyst” (מאפשר)   is also defined as someone or something that speeds up or brings about an event…someone or something that encourages progress or change.



As applied to most real estate transactions there are many key individuals that play various roles to bring about the event of a completed transaction. 


The key participants in typical real estate transactions (sales and leases) include, but are not limited to: Realtor, Property Owner, Buyer, Tenant, Attorney, Lender, Financial Advisor, Architect, Engineer, Contractor, Taxing Authority, Municipal Departmental Oversight, Municipal Services, Property Management, Homeowners Association, Neighborhood Council, and others.  


Depending on your point of view, as well as local practices and customs, the role of the Realtor may be limited in the overall transaction experience.  The foundation, upon which “excellence in real estate” is built, begins with the personal desire and drive to be more than just an “enabler” or that of an “implementer”. 


The product is the real estate, which includes  dirt, stone, wood, and other materials.  The transaction(s) at hand are the dynamics between people!  With multiple people in the transaction, there is a remarkable amount of “people-to-people” communication.  A successful conclusion for the real estate transaction is achieved when the communication arena works efficiently.   Many transactions are troubled due to the lack of communication.  As such, in the worst case is a failed transaction.  Also known as, a “DFT” – Deal Fell Through - in many cases the DFT may have been prevented. 


You as the real estate agent in the transaction by taking a position of a CATALYST, an enabler, can more often assure successful and closed transactions than failed ones.  





For the most part, being involved more comprehensively in the transaction has proven to enhance and secure a smoother settlement, more often than not.


So, “what’s in it for me?” to be more involved in all aspects of the transaction?  From my point of view and based on 40+ years of real estate experience, this is an erroneous question to ask!  Such a question stems from the lack of good and pertinent information.


As a realtor, do know who all the “players” for a particular transaction are supposed to be?  What is his/her role and responsibility to the transaction?  The period in which they are expected/required to perform their task(s)?  What are their lines of communication with whom? Is communication with them even open or closed to you?  


The real estate environment in most of areas is very compartmentalized. Too often, the realtor will do his/her share of the responsibilities and tasks required and leave the other details to everyone else that may be involved.


Become a "team builder and leader".  When you, as the realtor, do not show and prac
tice a leadership position in every transaction the end result could become as you're not having any meaningful and influential future role at all.


Through coaching and mentoring at the Israel Center for Excellence in Real Estate, let us enable and empower you to be one of those whom owners, investors, managers, renters and users must and will seek out.  Because of technology and qualified consultants, the reliance on the use of a real estate practitioner is diminishing more and more.  Do you want to possibly be considered irrelevant in your profession?



“Successful People Do Those Things That Unsuccessful People Think Is a Waste of Time to Do” 

(Attributed to Pastor Robert H. Shuller)



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