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January 6, 2018



מה פתאום!!  חונך לנדל"ן בישראל?


The idea, the thought, the consideration of seeking out and engaging a real estate coach to you, may be humiliating.  You easily accept that others could benefit from a mentor and business advisor.  However, most likely you may be thinking, "What am I in?  Children’s football league?  I'm an adult professional.  I don't need a coach."


TRUE STORY-COACHING ISSUE!!   During my first month home in Philadelphia PA, USA, after serving 4-years in the United States Air Force, I was determined to keep my physique fully sharpened.  Although I lived in the suburbs, I decided to join a gymnasium in downtown Philadelphia because they had three separate indoor, regulation sized handball (כַּדוּר יָד) courts.  Over 4-years, I perfected my handball game skills and looked forward to good competitive matches and sustain the workout level I wanted to maintain and improve. 


One particular matchup was with a short, well-tanned, extremely white haired  –to me a-  very old man (78 years), who looked as though he could barely move.  I was then age-21, and slightly “full-of-it”.   The winner of the handball sets was the one who scored 21-points first.    You guessed it !!!   I got creamed 3-games in a row with 21 for the “old man” and less than 7 for “know-it-all me”.  In each game, if he moved more than 4-steps in any direction I never saw it.  These games were seen by a number of laughing and snickering former "victims" who were in a viewing gallery above the court.   Afterwards, he invited me for cold orange juice and I gladly accepted. 


He complimented me very sincerely on my style, abilities, skills and stamina.  Then he said:  “Boychick, you know the game and strategies very well and if you enter tournaments here you will win many, BUT, you have a lot more to learn”.  He continued by saying:  “I also noticed you never cursed, never got angry, never tried to stare me down and never stopped trying harder and never gave-up.” 


He threw down a challenge for me to consider as to whether I wanted to remain adequate, continue to be good and a winner at times, or to become better than adequate, better than good  and a winner most of the time.  After swallowing a lot of false ego and pride, and a second glass of cold orange juice, I took up his challenge.


Over the next 3-months for one-hour each session we could meet, he coached me on how to interpret, anticipate, execute and re-anticipate ALL aspects of the game.  It was magical, refreshing, rocking and humbling.  Due to family circumstances, I made an earlier than expected  permanent move to New York City.  What he coached me on was techniques of how to anticipate, strategize, be flexible and follow-through.  These became applicable daily tools for me in my business activities and ventures for the remainder of my career.




You, as a real estate practitioner, from the moment you get your “license” (and maybe even sooner) have little doubt that you can handle almost any transaction, learn quickly how to develop skills required for developing a client base, sustaining, expanding a wide and growing clientele.


Betach!! But of Course!!  YOU can develop your real estate business without having to take the time or absorb the added expense of one-on-one coaching.  However, it may be worth considering that coaching and mentoring, even for the most experienced realtor, can (and usually does)  advance and exalt your production levels of excellence.  



Here are some basic considerations and ideas stepping into a coaching-mentoring program. 


1)  Zig Ziglar, was an American author, motivational speaker and businessman, once said:  “It’s your attitude not your aptitude that will determine your altitude”.   Therefore, come to your coaching sessions with the right attitude.



2)   Identify for yourself the areas you feel or know that you need in order to sharpen your skills and your approach to solving problems and challenges.   


3)   What are you getting for your money?  Understand your expectations to be able to strategize “the most for your money” with your mentor.


4) Are you prepared and willing to make the financial and TIME commitment for a quality-coaching program?  Do you understand and can you visualize that it may take some time before you see measurable, realistic results?


5)  Take your business pulse every now and then.  Review with your coach on how the coaching is affecting your business.  Address all issues honestly and initiate changes as may be needed.   


Begin your path to even greater excellence in your real estate career with me, as your coach and mentor.  Each program is custom designed for each individual and confidentiality is assured.  Visit my website and read about my real estate experience and knowledge.



“Successful People Do Those Things That Unsuccessful People Think

Is a Waste of Time to Do” 

(Attributed to Pastor Robert H. Shuller)



Aytan A. Dove, CCIM    Jerusalem   

058-778-2870   02-570-4340

Email:  aytancenterexel@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.excellenceinisraelirealestate.com



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