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​“WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME”? TO DELIVER THE “GOODS” EVEN MORE! “מה יוצא לי מזה כדי לספק את הסחורה גם יותר

April 12, 2018

In more than 40+ years of real estate practitioner experiences one would think that these “old bones” would get used to certain observations. Specifically too many real estate agents more often are satisfied with themselves and their part in a current settled transaction.  I surmise that my own “But, of Course!!” attitudes towards extended customer service do not diminish with time.

The concluded sale or lease of a house, an apartment, and other real estate properties is rewarding in many ways.  As often is the case the relationship between the client and realtor is a one-time connection.  I truly believe that overall, these short connections, are pleasantly remembered and well heartened by the client and realtor alike.  “What’s in it for you?    Because of your demonstrating to that you as a realtor valued them  it is the client’s way of showing you true appreciation and acknowledgement.  They do this continuously by making others aware of your more than amazing services.


The late Steve Jobs (Co-Founder of Apple, Inc.) is credited with saying:


“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment  where excellence is expected”


It has been my experience that there are NO GUARANTEES for clientele loyalty.   As successful practitioners, we know customer loyalty stems from trust in you, their feeling cared about and valued. Good, reliable and well-founded networking, along with unprompted referrals is, the lifeblood of any sales environment. 


What’s In It For You, the realtor, is being able to enhance the probability of continued referrals and clientele loyalty.  Where there exists excellence in real estate and business practices by the practitioner, acting as the advocate of delivery of the “goods” even above the norm, then the quality of service are long-remembered and more often rewarded.  


The “goods” in this presentation refers to good, accurate, relevant, reliable and useful information to the client about the property, the neighborhood, immediate surrounding area and services. 


TIPS FOR EXCELLENCE – For Delivering the Goods in a Quality manner.


In at least two (2) languages, Hebrew and English, or Russian, French, Spanish, etc., (as may be applicable), provide the client an easy to read printed sources of some of key aspects of the property and neighborhood, as may be applicable.  Here are a few examples of indispensable sources.


  • Emergency Responders for Police, Fire and Ambulance, Poison Center, etc.

  • Utilities and Services

  • Tenant/Owner parking and public parking

  • Municipal offices

  • Health related services and locations

  • Public transportation services

  • Local School Names, Grades and Office Contacts

  • Local Kupat Cholim and Special Needs Services

  • Va'ad Habayit

  • Post Office and mail delivery

  • Religious Influence and Customs

  • Security issues for THIS neighborhood

This is not information overload but information of value to your clientele.  Below is an excerpt of an article on “Information for Information’s Sake” sheds some critical aspects of gathering, understanding and sharing information. 


“Access to information is greater than ever. Barriers to its exchange have broken down. Furthermore, the increased access to information creates the need for new skills.  Firstly, ‘demand competence’, the ability to sift through the mass of information to find what we want to know.  Secondly, ‘receiver competence’, the ability to handle the information that we receive, interpreting it into something understandable, relevant and useful.”

Source: www.cedefop.europa.eu/files/etv/Upload/Information.../127/12_en_editorial.pdfThe European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, Thessaloniki, Greece.


In my opinion and experiences, the most important words in the above quote are: 

What’s In It For Me    מה יוצא לי מזה 


In the Year 1597, Sir Francis Bacon was the first person attributed to the phrase "Knowledge is Power”. This is a powerful dynamic that empowers people to achieve great results.  Additionally to the results of a settled (closed) real estate or business transaction, the solidifying of the trust relationship between the practitioner and the client as well as the “accolade” is most useful.


The real estate marketplace is in most places cyclical.  Meaning, the business cycle that governs listings, sales, rentals and investments.  In future BLOGS on this site there will be discussion on Tips for Excellence in preparing for these cycles of ups, downs and stagnation.  Because such  cycles exist the MOST effective and assured “safety net” is that of a strong and dependable referral foundation as well as a network.


The REFERRAL foundation is based on the practitioner’s favored reputation, history of past services and perceived attitudes.  Providing to prospective renters, buyer/owners, investors COMPETENT, UNDERSTANDABLE, RELEVANT and USEFUL information about the most simple of rental properties to the most complex purchaser/owner and investor properties can only serve as the underpinning for the lifeblood of the brokerage and sales environments.


At The Israel Center for Excellence in Real Estate, the coaching suggestions and models assist the practitioner in real estate, or other service oriented businesses, on being exposed to; understanding the importance of;  prioritizing; researching; applying; preparing and, presenting  information to clientele.  Most importantly, a concise and clear understanding of “What’s In It For Me to Deliver the Goods Even More” with successful and astounding delivery.


“Successful People Do Those Things That Unsuccessful People Think Is a Waste of Time to Do”

(Attributed to Pastor Robert H. Shuller)




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