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September 8, 2018

“Tips for Excellence in Real Estate” are published in the BLOG section of my website of The Israel Center for Excellence in Real Estate.  Starting NOW, the tab labeled BLOG has changed to TIPS2EXC. This stands for: Tips To Excellence.  The purpose of the “Tips” is to assist and guide real estate practitioners, as well as others in service-oriented businesses, to reaching higher levels of excellence, competency, reliability and dependability.



My foundation and successes in business, are built upon and sustained on the following principles. 

I have little doubt that those of you associated with a real estate office, regardless of the size, receive good training and direction. Many real estate practitioners who are on their own usually have advisors providing good support and guidance.  Regardless of your trials, tribulations, successes and achievements, when you find yourself in the POSITIVE and not struggling in the NEGATIVE.



Here are short summaries of the Tips for Excellence presented in past months.


A) The Coaching and Mentoring provided by The Israel Center for Excellence in Real Estate is to assist real estate practitioners to reach and achieve beyond their own perceived maximum potential in order to improve skills in their communication; quality of work; efficiency; and, sustainable customer and client relationships.


B)  Responsiveness to your customers and clients in a timely manner is critical.  On this issue particularly, there is a wide disconnect between what the customers and clients think is a timely response and what the real estate practitioner thinks.  When the practitioner makes “customer responsiveness” an absolute priority, it will soon reveal that there is a measurable increase in decisive opportunities to serve your clients.  In turn, many would-be problems and crisis will diminish.


C)   There is a difference between “making a decision” and “jumping to a conclusion”. Keep your eyes open and your Receptivity in an unbiased approach.  This in turn most often will bring out the excellence of your talents and probable greater success.  You have opened for yourself the world of possibilities, alternatives and informative good solutions for your customer’s best interests.


D)  You as the real estate agent in the transaction need to take a position of an enabler, a good CATALYST.  By doing so, you can more often assure successful and closed transactions rather than failed ones. You can become a "team builder and leader".  When you do not show and practice a leadership position in every transaction the end-result could become you are not having any meaningful and influential future role at all.


E) “Knowledge is Power”!  For any real estate practitioner the desire to excel to a level of recognized professionalism, as compared to remaining within the status-quo of merely performing “match-making” service is a daily effort. The better you are skilled, educated and knowledgeable, your experiences of transaction disasters and just plain stress is usually dynamically diminished.  Further perfecting your existing skills on how to anticipate these outside influences and their potential effect on your real estate activity is your direct responsibility as a realtor striving to be successful and dependable.


F) Investing in Real EstateHere in Israel or Overseas:  The inexperienced as well as the experienced real estate investor is better served and abundantly rewarded when he/she have a strong and clear grasp of how the above elements may affect the investment goals and outcomes.  Surrounding oneself with key advisors, mentors and skilled experts makes the opportunities even more satisfactory.  The focus must be first on the client and his/her needs and aspirations.  And there must be a clear understanding that a clear understanding and acting upon accurate information of locality of the real estate investment project.


G)  ​“What’s In It For Me”? To Deliver The “Goods” Even More!   The realtor, who makes it a point to enhance the probability of continued referrals and clientele loyalty, answers this question by performance of excellence and trust.  Where there exists excellence in real estate and business practices by the practitioner, acting as the advocate of delivery of the “goods” even above the norm, then the quality of service are long-remembered and more often rewarded.  The “goods” refers to, accurate, relevant, reliable, good and useful information to the client about the property, the neighborhood, immediate surrounding area and services. As stated by the late Steve Jobs:  “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected”.  As such, do not just satisfy them; AMAZE them time and time again.


For the immediate future, develop your very own Passport to Excellence, if you have not yet done so.  If you have?  CONGRATULATIONS!  Now follow-through and follow-up with “seals of success”  throughout your very own Passport.


At The Israel Center for Excellence in Real Estate, the presented coaching suggestions and models assist the practitioner in real estate, or other service oriented businesses, on how to be better exposed to understanding the benefits to you of the importance’s of: 


1)       Prioritizing

2)       Researching

3)       Focusing

4)       Shaping, and …

5)       Presenting credible and dependable information

              to your clientele. 



“Successful People Do Those Things That Unsuccessful People Think Is a Waste of Time to Do”


(Attributed to the late Pastor Robert H. Shuller)





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