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January 16, 2019




A most HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2019, blessed with good health, joy, enrichment of YOU by family, friends and clientele, and a continued positive mental attitude.


There are always issues affecting the status quo of their “balance” in the marketplace.  One of these issues is “balance” which is noticeable and un-noticeable that the real estate broker and other business providers have no control over.  Most businesses, especially in the service-helping professions, are subject to cycles influencing (to the positive and to the negative) economic expectations.  Balanced “awareness” of these influences dynamically assures the business practitioner from being caught by income costly unpleasant surprises.  Alternatively, you can be among those who live in the gray twilight of Mediocrity

and false sense of success.



Are YOU aware of what may, or may not, influence your business?  Do YOU even care?  Do you see yourself as being “so good at what you do and how you get it done, that YOU are above all THAT?”   Are YOU so short-sighted that you do not see or care that being short sighted in business can really be parasitical to your business and your sustainable success?


“Success is not final.  Failure is not fatal.  It is the courage to continue that counts.” 

Winston Churchill


For most of my real estate career, 40+ years, I lived in areas of the United States that were captivating, high degree of U.S. Government employment and places of high tourism. 


It was not until the recession  of 1973-1975 that I first came to understand “outside influences” and its effect on my business and livelihood.  I did not even know what the word meant!  At that time, I had my Master’s Degree and my own practice in Family Counseling and Retirement.


Things were very good and sustainable.  Even had a weekly article in the local newspaper, talk-radio discussions and seminars all over the State.  What could possibly go wrong?   In mid-1975, I had to close my counseling service doors in that the patient base dried up.  There were far greater priorities for all families of all income levels and needs.  I never saw it coming. 


Paid positions at clinics, governmental agencies and colleges were almost non-existent.  One of my past client’s saw my counseling skills as a hidden treasure for his real estate office and his plans to create a commercial and real estate investing division.  That was the best career change of my life, in 1975.  Because of where I lived, real estate had already begun an upswing.  My boss also had a Master’s Degree in business, and believed strongly in research and The Rule of the Seven “P”’s.  For the record, with many outside influences (to the negative) raining on my parade for the next 40 years,  I never was a victim again.



“New ideas are sometimes found in the most granular details of a problem where few others bother to look.”

Nate Silver



So!!  Here are some basic Tips for Excellence:


How to Identify and Keep-Up with the “Outside Influences” that will surely effect your business environment in the immediate and foreseeable future?


The NEXT posting of Tips for Excellence on this website, The Israel Center for Excellence in Real Estate, will give some insights on these issues. 


The COACHING and MENTORING services provided by The Center helps to sharpen and enhance the real estate and business practitioner’s skills in practical every day application of the issues discussed in all published Tips for Excellence, and many more treasures.



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